Thailand’s Shortage of “Chicken”-Fighting Rings

I’ve substituted the word “chicken” for the word “????,” because it would never be printed if I inserted it. So it’s a four letter word with two “c” a “k” and an “o” arranged in a different order.


Anyway, currently there are “chicken”-fights  on every second and fourth Sunday of the month, but those who are heavily involved in the sport would like to be allowed to hold matches every Saturday and Sunday in Thailand.


Petitions have been signed and handed over to Thailand’s Interior Minister and the goal is to have 5 “chicken”-fighting rings in every province of Thailand. (The airport property is its own province.)


Wait for a flight and catch a “chicken”-fight, that would be interesting, but there will probably be exceptions to the requests.


An increased display of these “chicken”-fights would be a boom to village farmers who raise the birds for the combative sport.


Now, if they could legalize the gambling aspect, spectatorship would be sure to rise.


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